David L. Reamer

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David L. Reamer


I believe in honesty, I believe in authenticity and most of all I believe in food. And when given the opportunity, you will usually find all three in my photographs.

My mission as a photographer is to capture the moments in-between. The smile, the smirk, perhaps the split second wink that silently says “There is nowhere else I’d rather be.” There is a warmth and purpose to my imagery because I care about the people i work with. Their passion is my passion and that’s what grants me access to those imperfect real life moments. It’s a delicate balance to be part of the party without getting a seat at the table, and its just that balance that allows me to capture the moments i do. When i approach a project, its with the notion to capture every angle, whether up, down, or sometimes even inside out.

There are no models in my imagery, no strobe lights, and definitely no smoke and mirrors. All of my projects document real people who love to cook, love to eat, and most importantly love to share their talent and time with everyone around them. Having myself been a professional cook for over 12 years, I have a very unique perspective into the spirits and souls of people who love to entertain, as well as the products they use and the dishes they create. When I am not shooting, I can almost always be found in the kitchen.

When given the the chance to express the love and dedication you have for your products through my photography, I will rise to the challenge and tell your story, as i always do, with honesty and authenticity.




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